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Saturday, 16th September 2017

Dialogue and Lunch in the Dark

Have you ever imagined living in absolute darkness, without the benefit of sight? Dialogue in the Dark is one of the world’s most exciting life-changing experiences where visitors are guided by blind guides in absolute darkness. You get a chance to experience daily environments of life like enjoying a walk in the park, take a boat cruise or visiting a café in specially designed darkened rooms. Daily routines become exciting and a reversal of role is created where sighted become blind and Blind become sighted. We are also participating in Lunch in the Dark, a special event offered by Dialogue in the Dark to raise awareness towards visual impairment through a dining experience.

Come join us for this special experience on 16 September 2017 (Saturday):
1. Dialogue in the Dark walking tour (SGD28): 11:30am arrival for briefing. First tour will begin at 11:45am with the last tour ending at 1:15pm. Each tour will last for an hour.
2. Lunch in the Dark (SGD32): 1:30pm to 3:00pm
3. Dialogue + Lunch in the Dark (SGD57): Sign up for both to enjoy a discount!
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Block 5 #01-03, 535 Clementi Road, Singapore 599489)

Please sign up here at the paypal link below. If you have questions, please email Edwin at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

More information on Dialogue in the Dark
The tour at Dialogue in the Dark Singapore allows you to experience everyday environment without the benefit of sight. You begin your journey into the dark in a group of around eight people. Everyone in the tour is given a white cane. Anything that emits light or sound is covered or silenced. A blind guide will accompany you every step of the way to make sure you feel safe and secure.
Then the journey begins...
As you inch slowly in darkness, you come to an open park with plants, benches and a fountain. The sound of birds and water completes this invisible landscape.
Boarding a boat, you sail down the Singapore River until you reach the city. Moving into town, you will have to navigate a typical Singaporean housing estate and face challenges like crossing the street through the noise of traffic.
The tour comes to a close as visitors are led to a cafe, still within the darkness. Here you may have a drink and chat with your guide before ending your journey.

More information on Lunch in the Dark
Lunch in the Dark is a special event offered by Dialogue in the Dark Singapore. It aims to raise awareness towards visual impairment through a dining experience.
Lunch in the Dark will require visitors to consume a full course meal in complete darkness. Without the help of sight, visitors will undergo a transformational yet challenging process where they will have to rely on their other senses to help them dine.
A visually impaired guide would lead participants to their seats in the dark dining area. Individual dishes will be served to participants and they will have to locate the correct cutlery placed in front of them. Water jugs and empty glasses will also be distributed to participants and they will have to manage the pouring of their own drinks without spillage. Throughout the experience, participants are encouraged to communicate with each other to help them manage their fear and apprehension throughout the experience.
At the end of the dining session, visitors will have to find their way out to the light and they will then find out about the dishes they were served in darkness.
This program encourages interaction and communication among the participants as well as helps raise awareness on the challenges of visual impairment.