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DUAL/MIT Beaver Cup, 10 October 2009

On the drizzled Saturday morning of 10 October 2009, a team of six representing the best that of the LSEAAS took to the task of defending the honour of our Beaver in the face of our ‘friends’ from DUAL.

The competition included alumni teams from Chicago GCSB, MIT , Michigan and Insead amongst others.

Our gallant and courageous team comprised:

-Edwin ‘I’ve actually got bowling equipment’ Seah
-Naresh ‘Watch me kick ass’ Kalani
-Jean ‘I was promised that this would be more fun than mahjong’ Kua
-Daniel ‘I make this look good’ Suen
-Narayan ‘I flew back just in time for this!’ Iyer
-Alex ‘When in doubt, brute force prevails’ Phua

Our team comprised kindly volunteers who were prepared to go the distance and prove themselves, settling for payment in the form of chicken wings and all the beer that they could drink!

It took a while to get our rhythm, but unlike last year, we had a chance to prepare with some warm up games before the competition and prepared we were as the day played out.

Our team performed gallantly, and more importantly, DID NOT COME IN LAST! We were overall FOURTH and were just off the third place by a less than a hundred pinfalls!

Special mention must go to Jean, the only girl in the team, who gave up mahjong that afternoon to defend our pride.

Special mention also to Narayan and Naresh who actually had work to do yet still gave their time to run with this. Daniel and Edwin for the only two people who took it seriously and delivered scores that were actually commendable, almost being responsible for our not ending dead last.

And Alex who tried not to make himself too big an ass whilst trying to beg, borrow and bully into forming a team.

Onward next year, our beavers!


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