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'Tribute to Howard Davies', 5 April 2011 (Pre-Dinner Reception)

The LSE Alumni Association of Singapore welcomed Sir Howard Davies, Director of the LSE to dinner – “A Tribute to the Director” – in Bistro du Vin when he visited Singapore on a final-leg of his travels recently.

Special thanks must go to Mr. Desmond Lim, who made the event possible by generously sponsoring the entire event. When word reached him that all available seats were taken-up within a few hours of the publicity going out – he went further by openning the doors of another larger restaurant, which he owns and it’s adjacent private rooms to accommodate more.

This unique alumni-only event drew alumni from a diversity from all ages, cultures, and nationalities.

Midway through the evening’s proceedings, Howard stood to speak. He began with a succinct account of the recent happenings at the School, and the ensuing personal decisions that had to be made – decisions that were made (as he led the School) with dignity and honour. He then moved swiftly onto what must have been foremost on his mind – the state of the School. Even as he spoke glowingly of the new infrastructure and resources available to students and staff, and the new programmes and subjects introduced; there were many-fold challenges the institution will face, now and in the future and he spurred alumni to stay in touch with the School.

In his tenure as Director of the LSE, Howard has advanced the institution of learning and impacted current and future students. His legacy will also be remembered by the global alumni (not least Singapore) for a very long time to come. One suspects he will still be flying the LSE-flag in his future endeavours, and the School will be richer for it.

There was a tangible emotion in the air as outgoing President of the LSEAAS, Collin Tseng-Liu presented Howard with an Honorary Membership of the LSE Alumni Association of Singapore. The LSEAAS fondly appreciates Howard for taking time-out to meet with alumni each time he visits Singapore – building relationships and keeping alumni up-to-date with the latest happenings at the LSE.

Before Howard took his leave to catch a plane back to London, alumni gathered around him for photos. What a blast!

From all alumni, and the LSEAAS Committee, we wish you, Director, every success in your future endeavours. Please visit Singapore again sometime soon!


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