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An Evening with Professor Danny Quah, 26 April 2011

As the emergence of the East has, in the past three decades, yanked the world’s economic centre of gravity eastwards onto a trajectory aimed squarely at India and China, what must the West, and everyone else, respond?

On the evening of April 26th, 2011, the LSEAAS hosted Danny Quah, Professor of Economics at the LSE and Co-Director of LSE Global Governance, and had the pleasure of hearing explain in person his theory on the shifting global balance of power.

In an intimate setting at the Earshot Café @ Art House, Professor Quah explained his research on the eastward movement of global economic power and its implications. Clearly and concisely, he explained his theory, condensed into a 45-minute presentation, to 34 alumni and friends of the LSE and one young guest aspiring to the LSE. If the East does indeed provide a challenge for the West, Professor Quah stressed, the correction question for us to ask is not what is good for the West or the East, but what is the good for the world as a whole

Active discussion followed, as several members of the floor raised their hands to ask Professor Quah questions before proceeding to the sumptuous buffet dinner, where Professor Quah said hi, had a friendly chat with everyone there.

As a token of appreciation, LSEAAS presented Professor Quah with “Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going. " A book on the little red dot called Singapore for him to take home with, and an enlightening, social and memorable evening for the rest of us all!


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