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LSEAAS - Sotheby's Event, 3 September 2011

Art investment – one of the oldest, most ancient marketplaces known to man, yet falls under the realm of ‘alternative investment’ in the modern-day world of finance.

What are the factors and strategies behind successful investment in this unregulated world, where asymmetrical information and lack of transparency is norm? Is it determined by impeccable taste, or simply a keen eye on numbers?

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Phil Whittaker, Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art in Singapore shared his insight and views - more importantly, practical tips with 23 Alumni, Friends of the LSE and DUAL members and who attended this LSEAAS event on the dos and don’ts of art investment.

Speaking about valuation of art against other conventional financial principles, Mr Whitaker emphasized that no one knows who the next big artist is, “if they do, then they are only trying to sell or promote a certain artist to you“.

He also postulated that as the average holding period for art is about twenty-to years, it is therefore very important to realize that investing in art is not to make a quick buck. It is an investment – the benefits of which will be reaped by your children, Whittaker reminds.

At the end of the insightful two-hour session including Q&A, LSE and DUAL alumni and friends welcomed the chance to network personally with Mr Whitaker, to deepen their understandings on various art collection strategies and to seek suggestions on how to build a tasteful, profitable art collection.

A truly enriching, beneficial session for all.


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